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Le Friulane by Shoes4me ballerina slipper in silk sand daisy

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By now fashion lovers will have seen them on the street and will have surely searched for them among the shop windows and among the most varied websites ...

what are we talking about ?! Of the must-have in our wardrobe: LE FRIULANE !!

Until a few years ago they were mainly used as elegant slippers to welcome guests ..

for some time now they have also been seen on the street, during the day, in the evening, with elegant clothes and not!

In any case they are BEAUTIFUL !! do you know how they were born ?!


The Friulian or Furlane, also called papusse in Venice, were the alternative to the home shoe:

they could therefore have been party shoes or even ceremonial shoes in the rural areas of Friuli in the 1800s!

In fact, they are born from poor and waste materials called blecs: old bicycle tires were used for the soles,

jute sacks worn by the transport of seeds for stuffing, while the scraps of fabric were used for the uppers.

So it took a lot of manual skills to create these slippers,

and even today the real Friulian are made by hand!

Therefore, the uniqueness of these products, despite their poor origin, were the details:

decorations, seams, embroideries, shapes that could also differentiate those belonging to families or lineages!

From Friuli they then arrive in Venice, where they are loved and immediately used by gondoliers :)

In fact, the non-slip sole does not leave marks or streaks on the precious boats.

There was also a legend:

it was said that they were ideal for nobles because with these light and silent shoes they could go unnoticed

and join the secret lovers in their rooms.

Let's say it's better that this remains just a legend! : D

For the spring / summer we offer the Friulian in the summer version, in cotton and fine fabrics,

very fresh and colorful, find the perfect pattern and color for your out fit .-)

Paola article

Made of sand shantung silk

lightweight non-slip rubber bottom

low heel

ATTENTION!! SMALL SOCK - It is advisable to acquire a larger size

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